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Super-early-pre-alpha V 0.1.5
Hey again everyone! Wow, it's been a stretch since 0.1.4. I promise a lot of love (and code) went into this update. I haven't pushed the new story content, but...
2 files — 0.1.5
Super-early-pre-alpha V 0.1.4
Hey all, thanks for playing v0.1.3! With each update, I'm seeing increased post views and downloads. It's a great feeling and I want to thank everyone who's tak...
2 files — 0.1.4
Super-early-pre-alpha V 0.1.3
Hey all, thanks for playing v0.1.2.1! I'm continuing to see some decent download stats with each release, which is really encouraging 😊 Feel free to join...
2 files — 0.1.3
Super-early-pre-alpha V
Thanks for playing v0.1.2! A lot of people downloaded and that's super helpful :D Here's the major changes in Fixed some melee hit detection issues in...
1 file
Super-early-pre-alpha V 0.1.2
0.1.1 brought some good feedback with it. Here's the major changes in 0.1.2: Added ability to Sprint Fixed gamepad nav in most(all?) menus Added initial skill t...
1 file — 0.1.2
Super-early-pre-alpha V 0.1.1
Received some good feedback on the initial concept. Here's roughly what was fixed/changed since then: Fixed inventory screens opening separately Fixed camera fa...
1 file
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