Super-early-pre-alpha V 0.1.3

Hey all, thanks for playing v0.1.2.1! I'm continuing to see some decent download stats with each release, which is really encouraging ๐Ÿ˜Š  

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 Here's the major changes in 0.1.3:

  • Melee combat revamped to be more accurate, enemies also slightly tougher
  • Roll ability added (B button on Gamepad, Spacebar on Keyboard)
  • Added popup damage numbers/crit hits
  • New music added
  • Added initial save system (not useful yet, but you can try it out!)
  • Fixed issues with inventory/quest screens loading in menu
  • Second quest added
    • The quests are a little silly, meant to test mechanics; the next update should have a few "real" quests to do! 
  • Player character model updated
  • NPC now has a marker to show new quests are available
  • Player level displays in Pause menu
  • Some UI changes

 Known issues in 0.1.3:

  • Picking up loot also causes you to Roll
  • Player may sometimes jitter while attacking (doesn't affect attack itself, damage still occurs)
  • It's possible to get stuck near some cliff tops and bases
  • It's possible to get stuck in the water near the waterfall (Don't go in, you can't swim!)
  • You can sometimes cast spells before their cooldown has finished

The concept has right around 10 minutes of gameplay. I appreciate all downloads/shares/feedback!

Thank you!

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Version 4 Jul 14, 2018 381 MB
Version 0.1.3 Jul 17, 2018

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