Super-early-pre-alpha V

Thanks for playing v0.1.2! A lot of people downloaded and that's super helpful :D

 Here's the major changes in

  • Fixed some melee hit detection issues in combat (If you still notice any, please report!)
  • Fixed some framerate issues
  • Tweaked some combat mechanics
  • Initial version of new inventory system (Still not any items though XD)
  • Some HUD changes
  • More fixes for gamepad menu nav issues

 Known issues in

  • Enemies are dealt damage long before they are hit by spells
  • Inventory items can persist between sessions
  • Player doesn't receive exp and gold rewards from the quest (The sword should be received though!)
  • Sometimes the quest reward sword deals the same damage as the Basic Sword

The concept has roughly 5-10 minutes of playtime. I appreciate all downloads/shares/feedback!

Thank you!

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Version 3 May 19, 2018

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